Up the Hills; Down the Valley

La and Tuong are two women of Thai ethnicity living on the mountainous area northwest of Vietnam. They are both living with HIV. Up the Hills; Down the Valley documented their daily routes to earn a living, struggle with the disease and continue their lives. During these hard days, they share both tear and joy their peers, members of the Sunflower group.



Soul of Africa

Ethiopia is a country rich with heritage but marred by extreme poverty and high unemployment among young people.DESTINO dance aims to provide art education to empower young people and develop their inner-potential through dance.
Director: Tony Clark
Camera: Ashenafi Gudeta Abate
Editor: Prano Bailey-Bond
Dancers: Addissu Demissie + Junaid Jemal

Off The Grid

Off The Grid is a short documentary set in Sandwip where no state electricity exists. Solar energy arrives to homes on this remote island in Bangladesh. Guided by a young solar engineer, enter the lives of those who remain here. We meet women and children whose husbands and fathers continue to migrate to find work where industrial electricity exists.

Selected in 2015 for:
Freedom week at Rich Mix Cultural Foundation
On Light Exhibition at The Wellcome Collection
Open City Documentary Festival, London
Brief Encounters Film Festival. Bristol
Director/Producer: Meghna Gupta
Camera: Susanne Willett
Editor: Prano Bailey-Bond

Year: 2015

Jungle Surgeon of Myanmar

'Jungle Surgeon of Myanmar' is a documentary about Nyunt Win, a surgeon and medical trainer working with a mobile clinic of the Karen National Liberation Army in the East Burma Jungle, who finds that government moves towards political reform in Burma have not benefited his patients, quite the contrary.

Broadcasted on Al Jazeera 'Witness' programme on 12 January, 2014.
Director/Producer - Gigi Berardi
DoP - Lucio Cremonese
Editor - Peter Potts
Music - Nick Norton-Smith
Sound design - James Hynes

Length: 25 min
Year: 2014

A Soul Rebel Films production for Al Jazeera 'Witness' programme.


Unravel follows the Western worlds least wanted clothes, on a journey across Northern India, from sea to industrial interior. They get sent to Panipat, a sleepy town and the only place in the world that wants them, recycling them
back into yarn.

Reshma works in a textile recycling factory in small time India, and dreams of travelling the vast distances the clothes she handles have. While Reshma shows us how these garments get transformed, she and other women workers reflect on these clothes. With limited exposure to western culture, they construct a picture of how the West is, using their imagination and the rumours that travel with the cast-offs.

Selected in 2012 for:
AFI Discovery Silverdocs (USA), CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival (Canada), Sydney Film Festival (Australia), Cabbagetown Short Film & Video Festival (Canada), Calgary International Film Festival (Canada), Citizen Jane Film Festival (USA), Contro-Sguardi: International Anthropological Film Festival (Italy), DocHeads (UK), Edinburgh Short Film Festival (UK), Edmonton International Film Festival (Canada), Encounters Short Film & Animation Festival (UK), Evolution International Film Festival (Mallorca), Greentopia Festival (USA), Interfilm Berlin, (Germany), Oldenburg Film Festival (USA), Raindance Film Festival (UK), San Diego Asian Film Festival (USA), Shnit International Shortfilmfestival (Switzerland), United Nations Association Film Festival (USA), Taiwan Kaohsiung Film Festival (Taiwan), Underwire Film Festival (UK), Austin Film Festival (USA)

Selected in 2013 for:
Love Your Shorts Festival (USA), Taos Shortz Film Festival (Mexico), Tampere Film Festival (Finland), Mecal International Short Film Festival (Spain), Indian Film Festival of LA (USA), Through Women's Eyes Film Festival (USA), The Golden Anteaters Festival (Poland), Flying Broom International Womens Film Festival (Turkey), Reel Shorts Film Festival (Canada), Human Rights Arts and Film Festival (Australia), Asian Film Festival of Dallas (USA), Palm Springs International ShortFest (USA), Milwaukee Short Film Festival (USA), Jaipur International Film Festival (India), Hawaii International Film Festival (USA), EdinDocs (UK), Traverse Film Festival (USA), International Kansk Video Festival (Russia), Tales from Planet Earth Film Festival (USA), Helsinki International Film Festival (Finland).

Selected in 2014 for:
Portland Oregon Women's Film Festival (USA), Flickerfest (Australia), Skepto International Film Festival (Italy), Michfest Film Programme (USA), Vox Feminarium (UK), "Cinema Vrit" Iran International Documentary Film Festival (Iran), Environmental Film Festival Melbourne (Australia).

Director/Producer: Meghna Gupta
Producer: Gigi Berardi
E.P.: Lucy Norris & Tony Clark
D.P.: Susanne Willett
Editor: Prano Bailey Bond

Length: 14Mins
Year: 2012

Audience Choice Award
(CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival, 2012)
First Prize
(Contro Sguardi, 2012)
Grand Prize
(Cabbagetown Short Film & Video Festival, 2012)
German Independence Award: Best Short Film
(Oldenburg International Film Festival, 2012)
Best Short Documentary
(Edmonton International Film Festival, 2012)
Best Documentary short
(Evolution Film Festival 2012)
Runner up Best Green Documentary
(Kaohsiung Film Festival 2012)
Special Mention
(Brief Encounters Short Film Festival 2012)
Special Mention
(Satyajit Ray Foundation Short Film Competition 2012)
Second Prize
(Moscow International Festival of Visual Anthropology 2012)
Second Prize
(International Kansk Video Festival 2013)
Grand Prize for Best Short Film
(Indian Film Festival of LA 2013)
Audience Award for Best Short Film
(Indian Film Festival of LA 2013)
Special Jury Prize in the Documentary Shorts category
(RiverRun International Film Festival 2013)
Masters of the observation category award
(The Golden Anteaters Festival 2013)
Honorable Mention
(Women's Independent Film Festival 2013)
Best Short in Save the Earth! Competition
(Shorts Shorts Film Festival, 2013)
Best Documentary
(Whitelights International Short Film Festival 2013)
Best Environmental Short
(Flickerfest, 2014)
Environmental Sustainability Special Award
(Skepto International Film Festival, 2014)

Simply Rob

Simply Rob is a portrait of Bronx based Poet and Activist Rob Vassilarakis. Estranged from his family when he was just a teenager because of his sexuality, Rob fell into a world of self hatred and drug abuse. In 1993 he was diagnosed with HIV, he was 22 years old. After years of rehabilitation Rob now uses his eloquence and honesty to inspire and educate others. Told through his poetry the film weaves lyrical imagery with Rob's resonating words to tell a personal journey of a man coming to terms with his sexuality and living with HIV.

Selected in 2011 For:
Austin Gay & Lesbian Int. Film Festival (US), Cambridge Film Festival (UK), Edmonton Film Festival (Canada), Hell's Kitchen Film Festival (USA), Kerry Film Festival (Ireland), Raindance Film Festival (UK), San Francisco Documentary Film Festival (US), Santa Rosa Film Festival (US), Mix Brasil Film Festival of Sexual Diversity (Brazil), Manhattan International Film Festival (USA).

Selected in 2012 For:
Maui Film Festival (USA), London Short Film Festival (UK), East Harlem Film Festival (USA), Lisbon Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (Portugal), Out in Africa: South African Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (South Africa), Frameline (USA), East End Film Festival (UK), I've Seen Films (Italy), Kerry Film Festival (Ireland).

Selected in 2013 For: Pride International Film Festival (USA), Out in the Desert Film Festival (USA), Bangalore Queer Film Festival (India), Inside Out Toronto LGBT Film Festival (Canada), Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival (Canada), TLVFest (Israel), Miami Gay and Lesbian Film Festival (USA), LA'S Outfest (USA), CMG Short Film Festival (USA), Outflix Film Festival (USA), NewFest: The NYC LGBT Film Festival (USA), EdinDocs (UK).

Director: Tom Shrapnel
Producer: Gigi Berardi
Executive Producer: Tony Clark
Co-producer: Katie Green

Length: 15 mins
Year: 2011

Winner of Best Documentary Short
(Edmonton Film Festival 2012)
Winner of Best Social Awareness Film
(I've Seen Films International Film Festival 2012)
Audience Favourite Award for an AIDS Awareness Film.
(CMG Short Film Festival 2013)

The Peacewalker

Ashin Sopaka is a Burmese exile. The military government has taken away his political status and his right to express himself. But they havent taken his right to walk. Ashin is a Peacewalker. Following in the spirit of Gandhis peaceful protests, Ashin has encouraged people from all over the world to walk in the name of peace and freedom. In 2007, he started a Peacewalk that would span the length of Thailand. During the walk, Ashin and his followers were continuously harassed and threatened by military authorities that tried to sabotage the walk. In this documentary, Ashin recounts his experiences of the Peacewalk and his hope for a better future for Burma and her people.
Director/Editor: Gary Forrester
Producer: Gigi Berardi
Executive Producer: Tony Clark
Music: Matthew Evans
Sound: Grant Bridgeman

Length: 20mins
Year: 2011

Selected For:
Skepto International Film Festival
(Italy, 2011)
UNSPOKEN Film Festival
(US, 2011)
Third World Indie Film Festival
(USA, 2012)
New Orleans Social Change Film Festival
(USA 2012)
Human Rights Film Festival of Barcelona
(Spain, 2013)
Human District Film Festival
(Serbia, 2014)

The Camp

Situated on the picturesque Thai-Burma border, the Mae La refugee camp is home to more than 50,000 Burmese people who have fled the military regime of Burma. This dialogue-free documentary illustrates the lives of people who are dislocated, without international status and without a voice. Set to a haunting soundtrack, this film presents the everyday realities of life in the camp. Some of the refugees hope to see life beyond their self-made community. Others simply embrace each day as it comes.

Director/Cinematographer: Mark Monti
Producer: Gigi Berardi
Executive Producer: Tony Clark
Editor: Gary Forrester
Music: Amelia Cuni

Length: 10mins
Year: 2010

Selected For:
London Short Film Festival
(UK, 2012)
London International Documentary Festival
(UK, 2011)
Refuge in Film Festival
(UK, 2011)
Awareness Film Festival
(USA, 2012)
Corona Fastnet Short Film Festival
(2012, Ireland)
Open City Film Festival
(UK, 2012)
International TV Festival Bar
(Montenegro 2013)

Maryam's Mission

Maryam Bibi campaigns for gender equality in Pakistan. Her charity Khwendo Kor is dedicated to building schools for girls in a drive to redress the inequalities that girls and women experience in Pakistan. In 2009, the Taliban destroyed 10 Khwendo Kor built girls' schools in the tribal district of Dir, North West Pakistan. Now Maryam and her supporters are working - in spite of death threats - to rebuild them, organising tents as temporary classrooms, until the burnt out schools can be rebuilt.

Director: Farrah Durrani
Executive Producer: Charles Bruce

Length: 23mins
Year: 2010

Soul Rebel Films &
Midwinter co-production
for Al Jazeera